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Laidler Business Accelerator II

As we build off the success of our first launch, Laidler Academy is seeking 16 agents to participate in a selective Business Accelerator. This is a unique opportunity where agents will have access to the step by step system that supported Laidler Group to over $600m in volume in less than 7 years in the business.

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There are two ways to learn – from your own mistakes, or from others.

As a rapidly rising star in the real estate world, Bill made the biggest mistake of them all in waiting too long to invest in the right coaching resources. In the best case scenarios, it cost him listings. In other cases, it cost him millions of dollars and years of growth.

The lack of knowledge and skills cost him people’s trust – and that has motivated him to work 10x harder to earn it back and help others who want to provide better service to their clients and increase the reputation of the industry.

There are three new opportunities to further yourself.

Laidler Academy offers a range of growth opportunities including self guided courses and personalized coaching. Learn more or get started now below.


Self Guided Training

Real Estate Basics | Launches Fall 2023
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Mindset & Personal Growth | Launches Fall 2023
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Developing Real Estate and Land Assembly | Launches Fall 2023
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Group Accountability

Agents join Laidler Academy if they have the internal drive for personal and financial growth while providing the highest quality of service to their clients. 

Your environmental is stronger than your willpower. Coaching programs include skills training, daily attendance, group accountability to prospecting targets and a competitive leaderboard. 

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Join Us in eXp Realty

Agents who join the eXp community with Channing Laidler enjoy the benefit of full access to Laidler Academy online courses, monthly events and a mastermind private group chat among many other added benefits within the Laidler ecosystem.

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Bill Laidler

As one of the Tri Cities top performing agents from 2012 – 2020, Bill has earned a strong reputation and the trust of thousands of local community members.

In 2020, Bill was able to parlay his rare level of insight into the local market to pursue opportunities in multi-family development. Partnering with many of the region’s best in design and construction, Laidler’s projects compliment the integrity and beauty of Tri Cities while positioning the region to flourish for generations to come.

Laidler Academy was developed with a specific definition of success in mind.

Bill has always believed that financial success is a byproduct of exceptional service. And his courses are consistently centered around this belief.